White Trail

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  • Section II is a gentle rise until you get to the talus slop – that is steep with tricky footing. I would recommend heading UP it.
  • Section III is rocky towards the Chest. The ‘advantage’ here is that the owner of the cabin that used to be on the Chest had stairs built. While some have eroded, it makes the climb comfortable.
  • The section after where White crosses Orange is a very steep and gravelly slope. After the first time, I always looped down Orange and onto the Red Triangle to go UP that small section. It did mean retracing steps, but it was worth it.
  • White from the Red Triangle IS rocky, there’s a climb (not a slope) just past the Red Triangle, then relatively easy until the down slope towards the Red Circle.
  • From the Red Circle there is a CLIMB. It looks daunting from the base of the “cliff”, but there are places to grab on and step up. The view from the top is lovely. Coming down the Right Knee is a bit steep and gravelly. Once you cross the Orange and on to Hezekiah’s Knob the trail is up and down and fairly rocky.
  • Once you climb Hezekiah’s Knob it’s mostly downhill, but not particularly steep. You will come to a spot where you will walk across open rock and footing is tricky. Folks have created a little by-pass, but the REAL trail is over the contact surface. (Surface resembles a crumpled paper bag, where molten lava reached the surface and cooled – IF I’m remembering my geology J)
  • Once you cross the Y/G x-over (IV) you are ‘home free’.