Your gift will help to subsidize the extensive costs of tornado
recovery as well as ongoing maintenance and preservation once recovery is

Safety first! Given the current conditions at Sleeping Giant our awareness of safety needs when going out for major trails work has been heightened. Several of our current Trails team have recently attended ‘ chainsaw safety classes’ and to comply with DEEP safety regulations and common sense, we are working to purchase proper gear for the big trails work that lies before us. There is the possibility that we will be fielding several crews simultaneously. Here’s an idea of what is required to outfit just one chainsaw volunteer properly. Thanks!

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Invasive Plant Control! A future concern for the damaged areas, once they are cleared, is the potential for invasive plants to gain a foothold. Under the direction of our Environmental Stewardship Chair and our Park Naturalist, the Invasive Species Work Crew will monitor those areas very carefully over the next few months and years. They will focus on containing their spread and eliminating them allowing the native plants to fill in.  This crew will be in need of additional tools, protective gear (think poison ivy), and other supplies.

For more on Invasive Plant Species in Connecticut check out this UCONN site.