IWC: Condition 1 of Conditional Approval

Meeting of the Inland Wetlands Commission: January 9, 2015 (Minutes)

Ms. Wilson made the motion to approve Application 14-1202, 275 & 475 Mt. Carmel Avenue subject to the following conditions:

1. In light of the applicant’s previously-demonstrated failure to fully respect an existing protective wetlands buffer and in light of previous Commission decisions regarding the desirability and necessity of a wetlands buffer, the applicant shall restore and maintain a minimum 25-foot buffer in a manner consistent with the applications approved in 1992 and 2004. The applicant shall submit revised plans to implement this 2 Visit us at condition-of-approval, subject to the approval of the Commission. The revised plans shall depict a split rail fence at the boundary of 25 foot buffer, adorned with the inland wetland medallions every 30 feet.